ADR Divorce Mediation Services

mediation for the greater Orlando area

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Divorce is tough... but we keep the process simple.


All separation and family divorce mediation issues resolved:

  • Child custody / child support
  • Visitation schedules
  • Asset distribution
  • Spousal support 


                         Once the issue of the marriage is decided, the only question left is:

Do you want a Judge and opposing attorneys to determine what will happen to your children and your assets? Or would you rather sit with a neutral party who will support you in negotiating your own acceptable settlement on these issues?

  • No Retainers
  • Free Consultation
  • Private and Confidential
  • With or Without Attorneys

ADR's Florida Supreme Court certified mediators will help you find the road to common ground.



933 Lee Road
Suite 335
Orlando, FL
(407) 834-5800

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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